Senin, 14 November 2016

What You Never Know

What you never know
I am a girl with a simple things that could bright my day
I'm happy how the flowers can grow and fruit pop out of a tree
When I'm in the car at night, and suddenly start raining
And smells of someone make a coffee on breakfast

Simple things
Simple life
Bring so many great feeling
I am a blessed girl

But what you never know, you've changed my happiness forever
You bring me the greatest feeling without even worried what will happen
A hope
That what they named it

I thought I could be happier than I used to
But, no
You destroy this hope on your own
I was broken
Everyday is a hard day
And you will never know that

What you never know
I'm a simple girl who love you from the start
A weak girl
A stupid girl
Who still want to love you even when you left me

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